We're aiming to create an easy, intuitive way for disc golfers to visualize and compare discs.

There are more disc manufacturers than ever. And each one launches new molds every year. It's really hard to know where to start.

Our comparison tool will allow you to place discs side by side and help you narrow down the next disc you want to try.
Disc golf pros are paving the way for disc golf to reach new heights. And it's fun to watch.

Not just to watch them play, but to follow their stories too.

We track the latest pro contracts and other interesting tidbits about each player.
Many disc golfers start their journey by learning from friends.

They'll typically receive numerous disc recommendations, and likely given a disc or two to get their feet wet.

Eventually, they get curious and want to know more about the discs they are throwing and which ones to get next.

We want to help facilitate this process by providing educational resources about the various types of discs, where to buy them, and the different types of shots you can make with each.

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